Welcome to the international workshop:

"MAMA-Hybrids - Multifunctional Hybrids And Organics"

October 22nd-24th, 2012


July, 23rd 2012 - The Workshop Programme is now available (see it)

October, 11st 2012 - Registration and Welcome drink will be held Sunday Evening, October 21st, starting from 06.00 pm. See the Social Events for more details.


The MAMA-Hybrids workshop is organized in the framework of the FP7 Coordination and Support Action European Project "MAMA: unlocking research potential for multifunctional advanced materials and nanoscale phenomena" under Grant Agreement No. 264098.

MAMA- Hybrids is the third of a series of meetings that are organised within the MAMA project and are fully funded by the European Commission. More information about previous and next meetings are reported here.

Please note that, thanks to the support of MAMA, there will be no registration fee.

The aim of the workshop is to join together leading scientists involved in the field of fabrication, characterization, and modeling of multifunctional hybrids and organics, in order to address their fundamental aspects and novel functionalities also emerging from the coupling of different materials and phenomena. Indeed this research is moved forward by the continuous developments in the fabrication techniques, which make possible the reliable realization of complex heterostructures consisting of layers only a few nanometers thick coupled through high quality contacts.

One among the many fundamental and challenging issues in the context of hybrids materials is to design and explore the coupling between materials with vastly different properties such as ferromagnets, antiferromagnets, superconductors, ferroelectrics, multiferroics, geometrically frustrated spin systems, heavy fermions, organics and others. Considering the enormous number of combinations and the inherent complexity behind the various collective phenomena possibly involved the outcome is highly non trivial with a huge potential for generating novels state of matter and multifunctionalities as well as new devices with a great technological impact.

The ultimate goal of the event is to promoting knowledge exchange in the field of multifunctional material science and eventually encourage new collaborations and information exchanges among different groups involved in the investigation of novel hybrids functional materials.



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